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Media Release: BlazeAid trailers ready to support SA disaster relief efforts 30/11/2016 16:06
Media Release: BlazeAid trailers ready to support SA disaster relief efforts

BlazeAid trailers ready to support SA disaster relief efforts

29 November 2016

A fleet of seven new BlazeAid trailers are ready to help South Australians recover from natural disasters following donations from local grain growers, Glencore Grain and Viterra.

The seven fencing trailers, which contain equipment needed to rebuild fences in rural areas, were purchased and fitted out with a generous $135,000 donation after last year's devastating Pinery bushfire.

Tim Krause, General Manager Viterra Operations, said the trailers would service SA in the event of any natural disaster, not just bushfires.

“We're pleased to help provide South Australians with these fencing trailers to assist the BlazeAid volunteers to carry out their critical relief work following a disaster,” Tim said.

“As key members of the grain industry in South Australia, particularly in regional areas, we understand the devastating impact natural disasters can have on local communities. These communities are where our sites operate and where our employees, growers, carriers and domestic customers live and work.”

Tim said he was pleased to see the new trailers ready one year on from the anniversary of the Pinery fire.

The new trailers consist of six ‘combat ready' tandem trailers and one ‘workshop' trailer and contribute to a fleet of 22 now based in South Australia following the Pinery fires.

“Viterra is also providing storage for the majority of trailers when they're not being used which further assists the volunteers at BlazeAid.

“On behalf of Viterra, I would like to thank the growers for donating a huge amount of grain.”

Barry Thompson, BlazeAid's National Equipment Coordinator, was grateful for the donation.

“This goes a long way to supporting South Australia for any future natural disaster,” he said.

“Thank you to all the growers who donated grain and to Glencore Grain and Viterra who not only contributed financially, but are helping to store our trailers in key rural locations.”


After the Pinery bushfire, the company established a Lower North Grain Growers Fire Fund NGR where growers could donate parcels of grain. This raised $102,789.59 and a further $100,000 was donated by Glencore Grain and Viterra.

The final amount of $202,789.59 was then split between three charities: BlazeAid, Trees for Life and Country Women's Association following consultation with our grower representatives in the region.

$135,000 was donated to BlazeAid to build and brand the trailers, with the fitout being done by local South Australian businesses.



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